Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Could you drop by at the House of Commons?

All packed but rushing to get all the loose ends of work well and truly finished and heading up to London to stay overnight to get to Luton in good order for the flight to Bucharest. Also got to stop off and collect *the* letters from the 3 openly lesbian and gay ministers in the British Govt, namely first ever openly lesbian minister Angela Eagle MP and Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant who are all taking the opportunity to tell LGBT people around C&E Europe how much they are admired in their determination to hold PRIDE events and wishing them well.

Manage not to miss my train and make it to Parliament for close of business to meet no less than Angela Eagle, Minister in HM Treasury. There were a couple of rather funny moments but they might have to wait for another time! ;-)

The customised letter for each country, top and tailed in the relevant languages are duly and ceremoniously handed over and photos taken, which will hopefully all add weight to the effort as we encounter the problems we always encounter in C&E Europe.

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