Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Whistlestop Visit to Bucharest

Thurs 7 May

Stayed in London overnight before taking an early train to Luton for the 8am flight. Lovely Polish woman called Marzena, the word for dream/vision changed the 10Euros and 10CHF into strange looking Romanian Lei and another lovely Polish woman checked me in and promised to vote in the next elections (despairing as she went of Kaczynski).

Met and sat with a lovely young Romanian couple returning home to visit parents, we had a lovely chat and sure enough they asked why I was going to I told them for Bucharest PRIDE and they were very supportive, just as well reall because when I got their I didn't half need their help. Quite reasonably my contact from ACCEPT had gone to the International Airport except cheap airlines dont do international airports in fact this one was barely an airport at we had a comical time unscrambling the fact that he was at the International Airport and I in fact wasn't! "Im at the memorial in front of the airport"..."that's funny so am I" It was only unscrambled because the lovely couple lent me their phone but i the end it was fine and B..... and off we clambered along main roads in the absence of pavements, which seemed mildly dangerous to me!

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