Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Meeting at Bucharest Embassy

Thurs 7 May: Have you ever tried getting into one of Her Maj's Embassies? Of course my metal betal had to be removed causing chaos as first my camera then all of my secret documents tumbled to the floor... it was all rather surreal, make mental note not to use this belt as it is tough threading and unthreading at the best of times but with a captive audience a complete nightmare! Anyhow then we are met by a Brit wearing a particularly charming and *very* pink lanyard... I make no comment ... then we were ushered in and tried to pretend we went to meetings in embassies everyday which B does but I certainly don't. Anyhow very constructive meeting and safe to say Bucharest PRIDE has got some very interesting new additions this year. ;-) It may include my becoming a TV star in Romania, which certainly wasn't ever one of my plans, hohum, better brush up on my non-existent Romanian!

We have an interesting convo about getting over the border into Moldova, somewhat adding to my apprehensions but I did take the precaution of leaving one rainbow flag and the letters that didn't need to go to Moldova and Riga with them and asked them to get the Moscow letter to...well Moscow.

They also introduced me to the FCO tracking system which let's you tell the FCO where you are going, very clever, if there is an earth quake they know roughly who they are looking for and can notify the rellies really fast. Very impressive, it seemed a pity it wasn't on the country pages on the FCO advice for travelling, anyhow they lent me a PC to sort it out. Crumbs now feeling quite rattled about my trip to Moldova, a country in which there were disputed elections only a month before, a country not in the EU. Oh well never mind eh? ;-)

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